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Moisture protection is imperative to the construction industry and the innovative development of a "crystallization process" allows deep penetration through capillary action, filling voids and pores of concrete surfaces.  The crystals absorb dampness and rapidly swell, protecting the surface from further saturation. The crystals continue to fill and block the migration of moisture through the concrete surface.

Benefits of CHEM-CRETE Crystallized waterproofing system

checkmark  Non-Film Forming

checkmark  Non-Toxic

checkmark  Cost Effective

checkmark  Excellent Repellant Properties

checkmark  Mold Reduction & Supression

checkmark  Environmentally Friendly

checkmark  No VOC's - Volatile Organic    Compounds

checkmark  Permanent Protection  



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Additional Solutions Include 

Paving & Patching


checkmark  Penetrates & Cures in 15 - 30 Min.

checkmark  Maintains Skid Resistance

checkmark  No Oil Tracking

checkmark  Reduces Moisture Penetration

checkmark  Significant Cost Savings vs All Seals

checkmark  SAVE 300-500%       


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Concrete Moisture Protection Systems


PaviX is a unique water-based chemical product for moisture proctection of large scale concrete substrates against temperature and water associated problems such as thermal cracking, damage caused by repeated freeze and thaw cycles, chloride ion penetration, as well as alkali silica reactions.

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Water Based Concrete/Stone Sealer & Water Repellent


Yufix CCC1000 is formulated as an environmentally friendly water repellent and sealant for walls. It has a deep penetrating formulation that is a colorless, non-staining, non-yellowing product that will not alter the color, texture or appearance while protecting your stucco, designer wall art and masonry master pieces and protect it from water damage, ensuring the look and integrety stay strong and beautiful for years. Designed to form a moisture barrier it protects from weathering and keeps surfaces cleaner by resisting air born dirt, acid rain, smog, and industrial pollutants.

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Hydrophilic Moisture and Vapor Blocker


Sofix CCC700 is an exceptional one of a kind water-based hydophilic and hygroscopic crystallization product specifically designed to permanently block moisture and vapor movement through concrete and masonry substrates within 24 hours.  SofiX CCC700 protects, preserves and waterproofs without surface film or color change.   

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ActivateActivate is the answer for safely recycling Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) into a new asphalt surface.  Activate is an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution that converts RAP into "new" asphalt paving material.



A-PatchAsphalt Crack Seal is formulated to provide a smooth, complete, fast-curing and permanent asphalt patch.  It can be easily applied to ALL asphalt surfaces to provide a seamless look to increase the value of any property.  



ReplayLogoRePLAY is a patented solution that extends the life of new and existing Asphalt surfaces. Eliminate the need for costly seals that don't work! When used every 3-5 years, our process creates a perpetual road that saves you the high cost of repaving.

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